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25th NICOID: An Initiative for a Dialog between Insurance Industry and Information Technology

Twenty Fifth Conference on Insurance and Development was inaugurated with Dr. Amir Safari’s keynote speech at Milad Tower where two thousand participants from across the insurance community had gathered and major political and influential officials namely the First Vice-President, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, the President of Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Authority of I.R. Iran), PM’s, and Technology and Innovation Deputy of the Ministry of I.C.T had attended.

Welcoming all the participants, Safari, the Head of IRC, said: “The general theme of NICOID is information technology and since innovation and technology in the insurance industry is a national and global challenge per se, this year’s conference is entitled ‘Insurance Industry, Innovation, and Information Technology’.”

“The present conference is an initiative for a dialog between the insurance industry and information technology. Accordingly, based on a prearranged plan, a joint taskforce will be formed at IRC for policy-making and regulation of InsurTechs’ activities from the next week.” He added.

“The taskforce will be comprised of some of the colleagues at Bimeh Markazi, IRC, academicians, and startups. The results and conclusions reached at the upcoming taskforce meetings will be handed to Bimeh Markazi and High Council of Insurance [for further deliberation].” He explained.

Also, the Secretary of the Conference stated: “One of the significant programs of this conference is the inaugural launch of six active InsurTech startups by Dr. Jahangiri, First Vice-President. The goal is basically encourage such startup activities [in the insurance industry].”

With reference to the NICOID side event of a dedicated exhibition of the startup products and services, Safari highlighted this as a “great collaboration opportunity” and said: “At this instant, several startup companies have participated in the exhibition.”

Inauguration of another side event namely Exhibition of Written Literature of the Insurance Industry was also highlighted by the Secretary of the Conference. Comprised of books, dissertations/theses, and academic papers, the written literature were collected by the collaboration of all the insurance companies, Bimeh Markazi, IRC, Iran Insurers’ Syndicate, and BIIF. It is expected that this literature will be exhibited in the insurance companies, too, in order for all the members of the insurance community to learn about the academic efforts in the industry.

It is noteworthy to mention that in the inaugural launch program, the six startups introduced their InsurTech products and services to the audiences.

Time: 2018-12-08
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