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25th NICOID: An Initiative for a Dialog between Insurance Industry and Information Technology


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Twenty Fifth Conference on Insurance and Development was inaugurated with Dr. Amir Safari’s keynote speech at Milad Tower where two thousand participants from across the insurance community had gathered and major political and influential officials namely the First Vice-President, Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance, the President of Bimeh Markazi (Insurance Supervisory and Regulatory Autho (Countinue ....)

NICOID Closing Ceremony: “Non-regulated InsurTechs Will Bring about Systemic and Catastrophic Devastations”


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In the closing panel of 25th NICOID, Dr. Amir Safari, Secretary of Conference, stated that the entrance of InsurTechs to the insurance industry was not at the industry's will. He also explained that in the entire world, the power for entrance is maintained by the InsurTechs per se hence an active policy is required for a symbiotic synergy. (Countinue ....)

Chosen Papers and Posters of 25th NICOID Accessible to the Public


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Out of 168 papers submitted to the secretary office of the scientific committee of 25th NICOID, 12 papers and 26 posters were chosen to be presented at this one-day event. (Countinue ....)

Dr. Safari: “The Whole Insurance Value Chain Intertwined with Information Technology”


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Nov. 27, 2018. As before, a media conference dedicated to the upcoming Conference on Insurance and Development was conducted at IRC. (Countinue ....)

Iranian InsurTechs and Incumbents Face-to-Face in The Insurance Day


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As always the Conference on Insurance and Development is held in December 4th coincided with the National Insurance Day in Iran. This year, however, this huge Iranian insurance community event seems to differ from the previous years. The Iranian InsurTechs are here to present their latest offerings to the participants attending the conference.
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The Director for the 25th N-CoID Appointed


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Dr. Abdul Naser Hemmati, Head of Policy Council for 25th National Conference on Insurance and Development, appointed Dr. Amir Safari, Head of IRC as the Conference Director for the event.
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Focus and Orientation of N-CoID 2018 Set Forth


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The major topic and the themes of 25th National Conference on Insurance and Development (N-CoID) have been delineated by IRC. Scholars and scientific communities are called for the contribution of their papers until October 22nd, 2018.
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