Conference Themes:

1. The Outlook for Information Technology (IT) and Insurance Industry;
2. Business Models Based on InsurTechs;
3. The Role of IT in Management and Reduction of Underwriting Costs, and Maximizing Profitability in Insurance Industry;
4. The Role of IT in Reducing Policy Holder's Moral Hazard and Fraud Detection;
5. InsurTech and Insurance Industry Development (Using AI, Telematics, IoT, etc.);
6. Information Technologies Applicable in Insurance Services;
7. IT and Financial Market Solidarity;
8. IT and Risk Management;
9. Necessary Infrastructures and Challenges In Setting Up Information Management Systems in Insurance Companies;
10. IT and Personal Data Privacy in Insurance Industry;
11. Attainable Value Added by Using IT in All Phases of Insurance Production Chain and Insurance Providing;
12. Adapting to Global Insurance Transformations and Developments in the Realms of Innovation and IT Adoption;
13. Innovation in Insurance Products and Services: Requirements and Challenges;
14. The Role and Necessity of Establishing Innovation Centers in Insurance Industry;
15. IT as a Tool for Supervision and Regulation in Insurance Industry;
16. Insurance Startups and Insurance Marketing Makeover: Opportunities and Challenges;
17. Blockchain and Insurance Industry;
18. RegTech in Insurance Industry;
19. The Role of Open Innovation in Insurance Industry;
20. The Role of Disruptive Innovation in Insurance Industry;
21. The Necessity of Utilizing Innovation for New Generation of Customers (Z and Y).